Windows Capistrano like ?

I have a Rakefile that I wrote to simplify deployment of Rails apps on
Windows. It's provides similar tasks to Capistrano, but runs on the
target server, not by executing remote commands via ssh - as such it's
only really suitable for single server deployments. Let me know if
you'd find this useful and I'll send it to you.


I hate to admit it. But I ended up using Ant to zip up everything and
just unzip it on the target windows development server. Then I restart
Mongrel and Apache. Total time for delivery...about 80 seconds.

KISS principle. Yeah I could Capistrano...except my company has a very
involved software delivery process and uses CVS and not SVN. So this
was the simplest approach. Works like a charm in my dev test servers.
(Though I did freeze my Rails version to make my life simpler.)