Capistrano alternatives

Just wondering if Capistrano was the only app for deploying rails apps…

It’s my understanding that Capistrano is deployed from a rails app to other rails apps on either the same or different, even multiple machines at once. If this is the case, our deployment procedure differs from the Capistrano model.

Here’s a very brief description of what I do and need, in case I’m wrong and Capistrano can be used.

I develop on my laptop, use svn and migrations.

When I say it’s ready to go, I tell our network guy there’s a build ready and he deploys it. Right now the deployment consists of moving a war file from my dev box to the box that needs the update. I think for rails it should be as easy as running “rake deploy” or something similar in the application directory on the box you want to update. There’s no reason for it to take as many steps as our current Java/Jsp/Tomcat deployment procedure.

I have little access to the QA box and no access to the production box so I can’t deploy to these boxes and don’t want the network guys having a installation of the rails app just to deploy it to other boxes. I would like them to be able to run a command in the app directory on the machine that needs the update.

I’m hoping either Capistrano will do this or something else is already done, otherwise I’m going to start writing one this weekend.

thanks for any input,


I believe you’ve misunderstood Capistrano - have a look right here
I think this would work just fine for you. In fact you seem to be on the same wavelength as “rake deploy” is exactly how it would work!

John W Higgins

Thanks for the info John. I will take another, much closer look. I had actually used it a while ago (when it was Switchtower), but just did the basics. I guess I shouldn’t have stopped there. :slight_smile: