capistrano equivalent for *nix -> Windows deployment

I have a (hopefully short-term) need to deploy a small Rails app to a
Windows XP box.

It's installed and working fine, but I'll be needing to make updates
and enhancements, and would like to be able to do the equivalent of
`cap deploy` and have it "just happen."

Any suggestions?

There isn't anything like capistrano for Windows using Ruby now,
you'll have to do it manually.

Install TortoiseSVN on the target box, check out your project there &
just do an svn update

We're using git, not subversion, but maybe that's an approach.

Mostly hoping to find a command-line solution that doesn't involve
all that clumsy remote-desktop nonsense, but beginning to think
that's a dream :slight_smile:

Thanks though!

There's apparently a Windows + Rsync recipe here:

This is an old thread, but for future reference -
There's a capistrano extension that does this now for Rails apps on git: