WHy is rails so annoying to deploy?

Arthur Rats wrote:

I've been having great fun trying to deploy a fresh install of rails on
debian, specifically xlsuite to test it out, but my god how many more
errors can I take before I give up.


After battling with countless different errors from trying Ubuntu,
Fedora, Windows and now Debian the list goes on and on and ON...

Try Heroku. "git push heroku master" and you're deployed. End of


- D

For "rmagick" error: have u got the following debian packages


on debian, check using
dpkg --get-selections | grep magick


thanks! working better now

still in xlsuite get the nil errors...

You'll get a lot farther if you *read* the error messages. The message
above is telling you there's an error on line 8 of app/views/accounts/
new.html.erb. The offending bit of code is:


That variable is set in a before_filter on AccountController, line

@_parent_domain = self.get_request_parent_domain

get_request_parent_domain is defined on ApplicationController, lines
457-466. It's looking for a Domain record to match the last parts of
the incoming request's domain. If none is found, it's returning

Digging around further, it appears that the db:bootstrap rake tast
(that it tells you to run in INSTALL) sets up the initial host mapping
for localhost - or tries to, as I think it will only work if you've
set up subdomains off of localhost (it drops the first part of the

If you've got it deployed on a server with a DNS name rather than
locally, you'll either need to make sure that it's set up with a
subdomain (xlsuite.somedomain.com vs. somedomain.com) or you could
simply change the default case the the bottom of
get_request_parent_domain to return the right record.

Hope this helps!

--Matt Jones