WHy is rails so annoying to deploy?

Arthur Rats wrote:

I've been having great fun trying to deploy a fresh install of rails on
debian, specifically xlsuite to test it out, but my god how many more
errors can I take before I give up.
After battling with countless different errors from trying Ubuntu,
Fedora, Windows and now Debian the list goes on and on and ON...

My approach is to freeze all of your rails and gems into your system.
Its usually all ruby (except for the odd library) and for me it has
worked between Ubuntu and Windows without problems (other than
unavoidable OS stuff). If you freeze it you know that you have the
same version of ROR and all of your gems no matter where you deploy.
You are only depending on the system you go to to have a working
version of ruby and a database that really works (and puts its sockets
in the same place as others). There is an approach in Rails Recipes to
handle the sockets which different distributions seem to misplace.