Uploads with FCKEditor

Hello everyone.

Since I've found very poor documentation about the rails FCKEditor
plug-in and Easy-FCKEditor (which is a fork of the very same plug-in),
I decided to bother you with my noobish questions.

I have this weird sensation that the image-uploading feature of
FCKEditor isn't supposed to work magically, without some sort of
server side preparation, but I have no idea about what to do to make
it work.

Weirdly, when I try to upload an image it gives a message saying that
the upload was successful, but fails to show the image (and the path
that it inserts in the editor's 'text area' points to an unexistent
uploads/images/ directory. I created this directory inside public, and
I still can't make it upload the image).

Also, when I try to open the file browser it shows this message:
"unknown error creating folder".

I'm kind of used to the abstraction level provided by rails and other
upload plug-ins such as attachment_fu, so i know very little about how
to deal with this.

Any help will be apreciated.


(I'm trying it on my development enviroment, which uses rails 2.2.2,
but I intent to use it in my mor.ph account when in production.)

It works. The error messages it spits back can be a little vague.

I found that I needed to change the following (my version is first)
due to the new changes in Rails/rack/etc.

< unless ['ActionController::UploadedStringIO',
'ActionController::UploadedTempfile', 'Tempfile', 'TempFile',

I used fckeditor for some projects but I find that TinyMCE editor and
rails plugin is better, for all my new rails projects now I'm using this

script/plugin install git://github.com/kete/tiny_mce.git

The upload mechanism does'nt exist but if you prepare a simple
controller/view for your upload system, the integration is really simple...

For example with this simple javascript included into your page you can
control image / link / multimedia upload, in my case I have:

    <script type='text/javascript'>
      var returnURL = "";
      var browserWindow;
      var browserFieldName;
      function fileBrowserCallBack( field_name, url, type, win ){
        if (type == "file") {
          browserUrl = "/admin/files";
        else if (type == "media") {
          browserUrl = "/admin/medias";
        } else {
          browserUrl = "/admin/images";
        window.open(browserUrl, '', 'width=800,height=400,scrollbars=yes');
        browserWindow = win;
        browserFieldName = field_name;

      function browserReturn(url) {
= url;

Thank you for the feedback. I'll certainly try tinymce in a future
It turns out someone on the net has figured out how to make easy-
fckeditor work properly with rails 2.2.2, and with his advice, now it
works in my project too.
if anyone is having the same problems I was, just check this page: