I am rather shocked at how easy it was to install TinyMCE plug-in and enable it to format the comments text-area of the blog-comments demo.

Surely, there is a catch somewhere? I would rather find out now than later.

Are there any gotchas that I should be aware of?



The only 'gotcha' for us is that the default image and file upload managers are pretty weak. What you see on the demo site are the paid add-ons for each. For what I am doing, I wouldn't have minded paying - except that the integrations are available in PHP and .Net - no Rails. Since you have it installed, take it for a spin and see if it suits you. If you need better image management, you might look at http://github.com/haikuwebdev/aftimagr/tree/master - a TinyMCE plugin with preview capabilities. It is still beta-ish but see what you think.

Otherwise, FCKeditor used to integrate just about as easily. I haven't tried it on Rails 2.1, but would expect it to work just fine and have better out of the box support for file upload and linking.

FCKeditor rocks for rails.. easy to install and setup...


Thank you both for you valuable input. I checked out fckeditor. It is equally impressive. At this point, I am leaning towards fckeditor based on Cynthia's feedback. Good choice? Regards, Bharat

Hey Cynthia,

Been awhile! I’ve seen your name pop on the list every now and then and have been meaning to say ‘Hi’.


Just a data point.

I use TinyMCE in the Kete, and open source Rails app (http://kete.net.nz). We, the Kete team, happened to have just hacked the existing TinyMCE plugin to use the latest stable version of the TinyMCE project. We’re in the process of asking if the plugin maintainer would like our update.

The refinements as compared to the existing TinyMCE plugin version look pretty nice. You might grab our version for a look:


Cheers, Walter