What's the latest on WYSIWYG editor integration with Rails?

Hi all -

For awhile now I've been using Fckeditor (and it's rails plugin) but was wondering if there might be something new to take a look at. Mostly just curious. Ease of use and asset/integration are the most important issues.

Thanks all!


Everyone I know is still using fckeditor modded to do file uploading and stuff. I personally haven't found anything better but I'd love to know if there is.

Hello Phillip,

I maintain a plugin for TinyMCE in Rails. You can find it at:


It's pretty easy to install and setup.

I have just noticed the new TinyMCE 3.2.2 has been released though, so will be updating that sometime within the next 24 hours.

Regards Kieran

That's for markdown, not HTML, and it's not "what you see is what you get". It's just a nice toolbar. neat though. I may use this on something else. Thanks for sharing!


This one definetly worth a look