I was using fckeditor in a rails app for editing some static pages
(CMS Lite :slight_smile: ) and now I wanted to upload images/pdfs and link to
these using the built in functions in fckeditor... The upload works
fine and the links are created BUT the links are all wrong...

If I upload a sample.gif the link is created as /sample.gif ? the file
on the file system is /public/uploads/images/sample.gif.. I'm guessing
there is something inside my fck install thats broken?

Anyone using this setup?

Not familiar getting fckeditor working with a Rails app, but I remember
running into a similar problem getting it work with Drupal...

I had to edit a config file,
fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php. Paths were
defined there.

Like I said, not familiar with getting fckeditor working with Rails.. is
there a Ruby connector you had to drop in or something?

heimdull wrote:

This is the plugin -> http://fckeditor.caronsoftware.com/

Everything else works but when fck creates a link to an image that was
uploaded in the fck upload directory the link does not have anything
infront (empty URL just the image name)...

This problem is now fixed with the latest 0.5.1 release of this

Full Rails 2.1 support.