Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6.. Yes or No?

Jean Nibee wrote:

I tried to do that about 2 weeks agon (on Ubuntu Feisty) and I messed up
my development environment COMPLETELY.

I use Fiesty and haven't had much success with the repositories version of Ruby and Rails. I couldn't get advance debugging stuff working. So I followed the directions on the NetBeans site to install Ruby from source into my home directory (not installed as root) and then can have mulitple versions installed and swap between them.


I have to specifiy the version of Ruby I use when calling scripts.

instead of

> script/server

I use

> ~/ruby-1.8.5/bin/ruby script/server

Because I use NetBeans I have set this up once in the configuration and it autmatically uses the ruby version I have selected.


Anthony Richardson