Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6.. Yes or No?

Is there any reason I should upgrade to Ruby 1.8.6.

I tried to do that about 2 weeks agon (on Ubuntu Feisty) and I messed up my development environment COMPLETELY.

I couldn't run anything related to ruby / rails as I would get some errors about Thread.so being not found. (If you need to, search this forums for Thread.so and you will see my history of problems I never got fixed aside from re-installing Linux and leaving rails at 1.8.5)

So, should I stick with Ruby 1.8.5 or not?

Read this thread... it's from June so perhaps things have changed, but my memory is that the consensus was not to go to 1.8.6... seems there reasons would apply to you as well.