Unusual UnHappy-Couples Startup needs Tech Advisor for One Time only or 2hrs/wk

Tech Advisor to Unusual Social Venture Startup

This position is for an unusual Social Venture Internet Startup
which will be using a robust conceptual advance web application to
help the 95% of unhappy marriages/ couples in general in the Western
Hemisphere who cannot afford or will not trust a marriage therapist,
to help save (if savable), ensure, and deepen their marriages/
committed relationships (we are talking a potential market about
60-70MM couples) we would be pioneering with our approach).

Our need now is for someone who is a senior level developer/programmer
to be able to vet one to three of the best web application ROR
developers we have finally found in Medellin, Colombia.
I, the ceo/founder will be working with the chosen team daily to
ensure maximum efficiency.
In case you have a yearning yourself for adventure and to make not
only possibly lots of money but a huge difference in the world in
terms of preventing oceans of suffering (ever gone through a tough
divorce?), Medellin, btw, is now one of the safest cities in the
world, with constant spring temperatures. Bogota as well is very safe
and bigger than NYC.) All the programmers read English fluently, and
in our case speak almost fluently, as well.

BTW, anyone who has gone through a tough divorce (or whose parents
divorced at a tender age, will probably find this enormously
fascinating and gratifying—an opportunity to turn your lemons into

After this vetting, we ideally hope, if you are excited about our
potential and yours with us,that you will want to stay on up to two
hours a week (of course the more you can devote the better if you are
interested in any other challenges) to at least QA the code quality
and make sure it is being dumped at least weekly.

WHAT WE HAVE GOING FOR US: A lot. Once we hear from you, we will send
detailed backgrounders.

COMPENSATION: would be negotiable, depend on whether you were only
helping us a few hours with the initial vetting (choosing of the right
team) of if you could continue for 2-3 months QAing the code dump, and
whatever else we agree on, and this could also lead to a highly
responsible high up position once we are funded, potentially CTO or
whatever, depending also on preferences of the lead developer

TO APPLY: PLEASE email me at eCoupleCoach@gmail.com to make initial
contact, and send us your resume. Also indicate your preferred method
of having applicants demo their sample applicaitons (ie webex? or
alternative method?) After this we will
Send you detailed backgrounders on who we are and what we have going
for us.

Please also indicate your skype contact info, for follow up phone
conversation, unless you prefer chat, in which case your chat contact
info (preferably google), since I am in Colombia now, though my
partner and VP of Product Development/Project Manager is in NYC, and I
myself, hopefully can return to Bay area once beta is finished, to
pitch investors

how can i apply for this job
and can i do this remotly?