Co-Tech Ruby CoFounder for Concept-advance Social Venture Startup wanted ASAP

NOTE: Please do not send form letter. Please follow To Apply
Instructions (4Questions you can simply cut and paste into your cover
letter) at the end of this.

This would be commensurate with experience and completion of beta

Exciting new software social venture whose mission is to help 30M-50M
couples have healthier and stronger more sustainable relationships,
seeks another Tech Cofounder to join another Ruby Coder tech founder
to start work immediately on a Beta version of our web application.
Alpha proof of concept already produced with strong reviews. Strong
Marketing and Business Plan and PowerPoint, advisory team, famous
genius mentor.
Our significance in terms of the evolution of the internet: We are the
Next Step in the Internet Revolution: from social networking (creating
relationships) to what we believe to be the much more important
chalenge--sustaining, strengthening, deepening those relationships,
especially our most important relationship(s)
We have a novel and powerful (conceptual advance) approach, based on
latest and best scientific research on predictors of long lasting
happy marriages, to a significant customer pain point, and our
strategy has been validated both by leading experts and our target
market base.
We already have two potential large healthcare and EAP partners. (Men
in long lasting happy marriages have 40% less risk of heart disease.)

This startup was founded in 2005 by an experienced entrepreneur/PhD
(in educational psychology, Harvard-UC Berkeley).
Given infancy of the market and lack of real competition, we could be
And ALL OF FOUNDER'S OWN PROFITS WILL GO TO help prevent further
global warming, war, and genocide, plus your own favorite cause.
Part-time (25hours) is acceptable for the position; and full-time is
of course preferred, especially for the initial development period and
first 1-2 months of iteration period (first 4-5 mo).

Based in the Bay Area, but open to telecommute person. Other cofounder
is primarily in New Mexico for one year only.
The market:
30M unhappy couples in the USA alone, plus the 20-25M million couples
who would like to make their OK or good marriage/committed
relationship a great marriage/committed relationship.


We now need another senior web developer who has done at least one
impressive complex web application, who can take our Alpha web-
application to the next level, incorporating innovative ways to tap
user created as well as expert content. We have a first version that
works, but it has limited functionality and is not polished enough for
our upcoming Beta program with a major healthcare provider.

Past experience creating professional complex web applications not
just websites is necessary, ideally tapping user created content, and
having some design experience or a designer partner, a big plus. Core
task includes generation and validation of roughly 14+ forms, with
permissions ranging from the results being single user accessible to
accessible to both members of a linked up couple.
We would hope eventually, when fully funded, for an ongoing
relationship, but it is not necessarily a requirement.

· Able to start soon (OK to work from home; but see below)
· Experience leading one or more developers/designers and interfacing
with non-technical people
· Ability to write reasonably and create light content as needed
· Can take high to medium level requirements, understand them and
return something professional
· A reasonable eye for website design, flow and layout
· Can work fast, with a high level of self-direction.
· Big Plus if you have trusted designer partner

We recognize and appreciate talent, and ideally would turn into a long
term and mutually beneficial relationship. If you are looking to get
involved on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity, learn a lot
in a fast paced and fun environment, then this is your chance to come
and build something that will really help people and we can all be
proud of. We are believers in growing our senior management from
within where possible, as the company progresses we will certainly
consider proven contributors first for roles that interest them.

Compensation is significant equity and a negotiable fixed fee ($40-55/
hr, depending on level of initial funding and equity you want). Exact
salary would be dependent upon experience, speed, and if I have to
move to where you are, if you have office space already, and current
state of funding.

TO APPLY: NOTE: Your response is far more likely to get read if you
follow the following instructions
Please send us a resume with a cover letter to, pasting in the following with your answers:
1. Include any reasons, technical and otherwise, you think you would
be particularly well suited in a cover letter.
2. Send us samples of professional web applications or webapps that
you believe are appropriate-not simple websites, and ones we can
actually see. Identify what your role was with the sites, and
indicate if you were the coder on the frontend? The backend? Managed
the coders? Coded it from top to bottom?
3. To what extent are you willing to move for at least a month (longer
the better) to join and work with the other tech cofounder (who is in
New Mexico; but at times he could meet you where I live-in Silicon
Valley or SF). I would try to find modest housing, possibly staying
with friends.
4. Indicate minimum financial needs, since we are not yet funded, but
could be funded within next month or so. If you have an equity
minimum, let us know

Our Email address: