[CO-FOUNDER] Been touched by tough divorce? Unusual consumer SU seeks...


Been through (or otherwise touched by) a tough divorce yourself?
This opportunity would be especially appealing to such a developer,
giving him/her a way to turn their lemons into lemonade by saving
zillions of others the pain you experienced from your breakup or
divorce; plus make oodles of $$ (yes, we know you've heard that second
part before too many times.]

WHO WE SEEK: CoupleSpace seeks a mid to senior level Tech cofounder
to join our dedicated core team, which includes one junior level US
engineer (a joy to work with btw, who did c++for more than 9 yrs, and
PM 9yrs) & possibly one more mid-level engineer. We (& interested
investors) of course prefer full-time commitment equity only (ie a
true cofounder) commitment, but might accept 1/2 time or min. pay if
you are exceptionally fast and good (test driven development) &
committed to moving to FT as soon as we can provide minimal sal.
Though NYC based, open to any US city (our founder and CEO could move

CoupleSpace will be the first truly robust—individualized,
interactive, sticky, potentially viral & we hope eventually at times
fun-- web app to rapidly and significantly help most couples to have
stronger, happier relationships, in particular to save and revitalize
marriages/committed relationships (gay-friendly). Our initial target
market will be unhappy couples –more than 80MM in US, Canada, Britain
& Australia, who are unable or unwilling to see a therapist (We can do
8 things a therapist cannot do) to save & revitalize their marriages/
committed relationships. Three hot secondary markets as well with huge
potential Fortune 100 Biz partners. Well recieved alpha in asp, and
beta mvp about 30-50% done). Much market research.

TECH SPECS, REQS , and MORE INFO: When you contact us, we will send
you :
1) evidence we can get traction & people will pay;
2) a list of achievements & research to date.

We (& potential investors) prefer someone passionate & financially
capable enough to take equity only, HOWEVER open to combination of
less equity + small bass or deferred. Several Seedfunders already
considering us at & more anticipated in Jan, since our MVP beta is
already at least 35% done & we have well received alpha.

NOTE: One percent of company referral fee if you find us right person

TO APPLY: EMAIL CoupleSpaceTeam at gmail. Be sure to:
1) put how you were referred in sub box, & years of Ruby experience;
2) tell us your reasons for being attracted to us when there are many
other interesting startups, and put city and PHONE in sig
3) ATTACH your resume as word doc;
4) tell us how able you are to be a true cofounder & if not, min $