- Two Exciting RoR Full-Time Jobs in Medellin, Colombia - 8M - 12M Pesos

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My name is Michael C. Bertoni and I’m the Founder & CTO of PhillyTech and the SVP of Business Development with Source Meridian. We are currently experiencing hyper-growth and need to add 20 engineers to our teams in Philadelphia, Medellin, Cali, Reonegro, Colombia. Do you know any RoR engineers in South America??? Or do you want to relocate to South America?

Here’s the job and overview below - http://smrtr.io/353rz - You can review, apply and refer people

Please Connect with me on LinkedIn - I have over 14,000 1st Connections on LinkedIn and am among the Top 1% most connected - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbertoni33/