Undefined method

How is your Order class setup? Does it have a provider method? In other words, does this return true in script/console:

Order.new.respond_to? provider

Hallik Papa wrote:

If you are wanting something with the same functionality that is not
designed around a specific object, you can use text_field_tag along
with auto_complete_field.

William Pratt wrote:

Ok, here is the basic deal. The code you are using requires your Order
object to have a provider method. This would be either a column in the
table, an association, or possible a custom method. Based on the method
you are using for autocomplete, you don’t want to use
text_field_with_auto_complete, you need to use a combination of
text_field_tag and auto_complete_field. You can read more about them

Hallik Papa wrote:

I am not sure how to run that command. I tried it from dos prompt in
project dir home doing this and didn't seem to execute anything

script:console Order.new.respond_to? provider

You do it like this:

C:\myproject>ruby script/console

The ">>" is the console prompt. Now you can enter Ruby expressions in
the context of your Rails environment:

Order.new.respond_to? :provider

=> false

(note that respond_to? takes a symbol, so you need ":provider", not "provider")

Learn the console. Love it. :~)


That was my bad. I should have explained the console better. Btw,
respond_to? will attempt to convert it’s argument to a symbol, so
anything responding to to_sym should work:

User.new.respond_to? ‘login’

=> true

User.new.respond_to? :login

=> true


Bob Showalter wrote:

Right, but

   User.new.respond_to? login

isn't correct, and that's what he was using.

Very true. I missed that. Have a good weekend.

Bob Showalter wrote: