undefined method `text_field_with_auto_complete'

Dear all:
I got the error in my rails 2.2.2 project on ma os x leopard. i did
as follow:
script/plugin install auto_complete
but when i start the server and try to approach the page which used
the auto_complete, it can't find the helper method as the error told:
"undefined method `text_field_with_auto_complete' ", than i try this
in script/console
i check the list and "text_field_with_auto_complete" can't be found,
so i try
than it shows in the helper.methods list
but i don't know how to fix this problem
btw: auto_complete_for is in ActionController::Base.methods, i guess
it must have something to do with second line in the init.rb, since
first line get his jod done
ActionController::Base.send :include, AutoComplete
ActionController::Base.helper AutoCompleteMacrosHelper

could any body kindly tell me how to fix it(or what did i do wrong),

no body ever met this situation?