Turbo Native - geolocation, qr scanner and offline data support


I’m doing a side project and started with Flutter to create mobile app. The app is far from being ready, however mobile app needs three things - geolocation, qr code scanner (it is possible in js) and offline support.

In Flutter it works kinda nice - app is checking for latitude/longitude every now and then and sends those to the API. Is something like this possible with Turbo Native too?

Second thing - qr code scanner in flutter is a no brainer as well.

Third thing is possibility to download data while being online and use those data when device loses wifi/mobile data. I’m thinking mostly of text data and some voice (mp3?).

I’m just looking for answers before learning new technology and ‘wasting’ x hours just to find out that something is technically impossible… :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

With Turbo Native you would need to write the map/QR scanner in Swift/Kotlin and make it communicate to Turbo via Strada.

For offline use, I guess it would work if you host the HTML/JS Turbo files in the app, not on the server?