Model/google maps display

Hi all,

I’m building a ror app and have a model with geo-coordinates would like to use the info in the model to generate a google map view, does anyone know what’s the best way to go round this?

is is Google API?, I’ve also seen a gmaps4rails, any comments?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Jax, I’m using geocoder and the gmaps4rails. On this railscast he show some examples and it has the links for the gems. It’s really easy.

The geocoder is for geolocalization caulculus and some features as getting the latitude and longitude, via google api, saving the address automaticly(you just need to point the field address).

The gmaps4rails make it easy to work with the Google API.

Hi Cassio,

yep I’m going the gmaps4rails way and looks ok, I was wondering if there is anything else out there to plug in.

thanks for your tip on the railscasts, really enlightening!