gmaps4rails "acts_as_gmappable" error

Hi all,
            I started to see fun of gmaps4rails gem from
After everything done. When visited the locahost, i got the following

undefined local variable or method `acts_as_gmappable' for #<Class:

the error is due to i have line "acts_as_gmappable" in my model.
Anybody knows how this is happening though i installed the gem
gmaps4rails ?

use geocoder

Dear Rajarshi,
                     geocoder is for what?is it for displaying google
maps or for some geocoding purpose?
Anyway i solved the above error using gmaps4rails..Thank you

geocoder for google maps

Ok fine,
then you please tell me what is the difference between geokit and

What do u want to know ?

I think u want to show gmap right

Please see

use it any prob let me know

gmaps4rails is good its working fine with rails3.0.10 and i am also
using geocoder. Now i am trying to use them together.

The gmaps4rails author is more active on stackoverflow. You might try asking your question there.

However, before you do, please read their guide on how to ask questions effectively:

There are good general tips on getting the most from asking technical advice.

Also, checkout for other gmaps4rails related questions.

can anyone help me on this??
can anyone help me on this?