React Native Turbolinks

Hello everybody!

I very much appreciate the rails doctrine. Especially on “value integrated systems”.

Some time ago I needed to build a mobile app, so I talk to my self, let’s to see what is available on rails way.

I find Turbolinks-IOS and Turbolinks-Android, and wow it is exactly what i was looking for, but wait, I need to learn swift, android and all native libraries behaviors and I thought how would be nice a framework that merge this two libraries with a single language/behavior. I had a little knowledge of react-native and was funny to write apps using javascript
except for the API architecture, and i started to learn how to integrate Turbolinks-IOS and Turbolinks-Android and I created React Native Turbolinks.

React Native Turbolinks is stable now, I used it for a personal project and other users too with positive feedbacks. But I need more help to improve it. I would really like to see something like that on rails enviroment, any chance to see it happening?