Thanks everyone for participating!

Before the May of WTFs is over, I wanted to thank everyone who’s participated in making this month such a success.

This forum could not have worked nearly as well as it did without all of you coming here and participating, in good faith, in an experiment to see whether we could transmute frustration into gold.

Thank you for keeping this such a constructive, welcoming space, and thanks for your work – big and small – to push Rails forward this month.


Thank you so much for being such a good steward of this project. I personally had a really great time. Reading all the WTFs made me excited to improve things, especially things that can make our every day life easier. Personally I love working on performance stuff, but I think fixing paper-cuts is just as important but probably more overlooked. So I want to say thanks to you and everyone that participated!! I hope that we can continue making Rails easier and more fun for everyone!



Initiatives like this one make me even more proud of being part of the Rails community. It’s been awesome to see such a tightly knit community where everyone does their part to continue to develop such a delightful framework.

It takes a great amount of effort and humbleness to accept that things might be broken and turning people’s frustrations into actionable tasks. This was a great lesson on leadership.

Thanks for putting it together!


Hear, hear! A huge thank you to Betsy for this! :heart: :trophy: :tada: Kudos for all the work you put into making this productive. If you’re ever in rural PA, I owe you a beer, no, a case of beer.

Also, a big thank you to all of the rails maintainers who took time to consider issues big and small. :heart:

This setting encouraged me to raise some of our frequent paper cuts, despite feeling like they’re not important enough or I haven’t done the due diligence build a strong case like I would want before raising an issue on GitHub. We’re a tiny team building apps that help K-12 schools and a few low-budget assistance programs, so the basics are what we deal with regularly.

Folks raised a lot of “noise” that you all took time to consider. Some ideas look great. Some, perhaps mine, might not make sense once they’re considered by others. Either way, I really, really, really appreciate the consideration.

Would be great to do this again, while being respectful of the maintainers’ and moderators’ volunteered time. See you next year? :wink: (or even, “see you at 7.0”? :pray:)


Yes indeed — thank you all for inviting this feedback and opening yourselves up. It’s can be difficult to hear (and express!) frustration with your project, but I genuinely believe Rails will be better for this discussion.

I hope that even as this “event” ends, we can continue to carry on these discussions into the future… a future which also seems ripe for further events. (“Doctober”, anyone? :smiley:)


Thanks for setting up this discussion! I haven’t participated in any way other than reading through some of the issues and just feeling happy that people are so engaged! Really nice to just have this kind of topic, makes me feel really optimistic about the future of Rails.


The May of WTFs was so inspiring and I’m thrilled to see all the fruit of how Rails will benefit in the months ahead. Thanks for all the hard work you put in! Really good sign not only for this community but Ruby frameworks in general. This stuff MATTERS. (As they say, the real opposition to love is not hate, but apathy. No worries there!)



It was an amazing initiative and I think it will lead to incredible results!

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