My first experience participating in contributing to Rails documentation

Last year a fellow user in GoRails Slack channel, made the effort to improve a section of the Rails documentation. @weedySeaDragon worked through the AR Querying Guide to use Bookstore models for all examples in the docs. I was happy to review her changes as part of the process. Eventually she opened a merge request in early 2019. It seemed straightforward enough and even looked like it was on track to be merged. Since then, I have commented twice on the request to keep it from closing because nothing has happened. I think she gave up on the request, but I would still like to see it merged. I feel there is room for improvement here.

I don’t know if this a WTF topic, but it is certainly an example illustrating how users can be discouraged to contribute towards improving Rails. I love Rails, but based on her results, I would have little confidence in my feedback making it through the vetting process.


I really appreciate you bringing this up! Even just skimming that PR, it looks like @weedySeaDragon put a huge amount of effort into it. It slipping through the cracks isn’t great for either her or for the community.