Super Easy RoR installer for Windows

Hi Guys,

I figured out a way to very quickly and painlessly install Ruby on
Rails with all the up-to-date gems, etc. I put it up on GitHub.

Check it out:

With that the install takes 5 minutes and you'll have a full RoR
system up and running with minimal further configuration. It has Ruby
1.9.2, Rails 3.1, MySQL 5.5 and PHPMyAdmin & all gems installed to
create and run Rails projects. I was even able to get mysql2 working
on it!

I'd like to get this news to as many people as possible because it
sure would have saved me hours if I used this one.

Hello, a bit of feedback:

1) There is no code that shows how the installer was build or for
anyone to collaborate.

We would end "trusting" you that the installer does what you say it

2) Your installer request elevation of privileges.

Along with #1, this might affect the ability of installation for
certain users under constrained environments.

3) Seems to me that your work overlaps with the work done by
RailsInstaller developers:

Why not work together instead of duplicate the effort?

Seems you have included Ruby + DevKit and the required gems for Rails
3.1 to work, exactly the same of what RailsInstaller provides.

Perhaps you can contribute to them installation instructions to
properly build and package on next version mysql and mysql2 gems with