Stop developing Rails !!!

The number of replies and level of invective here I think does equate to “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. I bought the books and read this list for quite a while, worked through the few tutorials out there and just played around; BUT, I only did that on the 4th or 5th go around after the buzz around the framework was almost deafening. I ignored it and went back to PHP the first 3 or 4 times because I couldn’t find the good 50,000 ft view/introduction to review.

I don’t begrudge anyone for making a buck, and selling the documentation (in the form of AWDWR) I don’t find unseemly but it does/will slow adoption and critical mass.

As others have said, I too believe that good ‘free’ documentation will eventually emerge, it just takes time and someone that wants to Shepherd it.

Perhaps it’s not a direct comparison, but consider how easy the PHP docs are to use … want to know about something … type and up comes syntax, description and user annotated examples; an RDOC API dump is nowhere near as nice.

We’ll get there someday, till then you have to have faith it’s worth learning and buy the book(s).

Oh how I would *LOVE* a docs system for Rails (or Ruby for that matter)
similar to

Hank Marquardt wrote:

I suspect the Ruby and Rubyonrails docs folks have never used the PHP
manual much.. so they just shrug off this sort of remark as a
non-important comparison. I understand their point of view and why
they may have it, but then they aren't the ones spoiled to using the
best manual in the world either.

I'm sure things will get better over time. Meanwhile you can always
buy some books like I did. *shrug* and are open and
ready for your use. I'm not sure many people use them though...


Hi, I guess that you meant

In any case, as a new person to rails, I feel that I have enough
information to get things done within Ruby and Rails.