Stop developing Rails !!!

Bob wrote:

… and try to write some documentation
It is completely unusefull to develop, develop, develop without
documentation, tutorials etc…

The new Ruby on Rails eCommerce books just came out (

How is Apress with updates to the PDF ? Looks like an interesting book.
The TOC of the O’Reilly Rails Cookbook looks great. If it’s anythign like the Ruby Cookbook it’s never leaving my side.


I agree there are some good books out there. But a fuller online documentation would be very useful.

I think there is potential if people contribute to either:

Ruby on Rails Manual


(Actually, a combination of the approaches from the above two sites would be nice.)

Something like this would be cool to develop:

At the same time, we can’t expect the Rails Devs to do all this. It’s nice enough of them to be putting time into developing the framework in the first place.

A must say though that a lack of clear documentation does make Rails adoption difficult especially once you get past the real basics. If you’re saving time coding but have to spend that time googling for answers and asking on mailing lists or experimenting with trial and error because the parameters for some method aren’t clearly documented, well, it gets a little discouraging. (That said, I’m still a Rails convert!)