Stop developing Rails !!!

My programming experience is about 1 year of PHP, self-taught using
only web resources, and Atari BASIC back when the language was a
little cartridge you plugged into the computer. I'm about as close to
a blank slate as you can get, here, and I had little trouble picking
up Ruby/Rails.

When I decided to try Rails (saw the video, like everyone else) I got
online and started looking around. The old 'pickaxe' book is free,
taught me quite a bit of Ruby. Then there was the 'Rolling with RoR'
and '4 days' tutorials. Both Ruby and Rails API are online, and
though they aren't optimum (all I have to compare them to is,
which rocked) the info is there. I started writing simple apps,
case-studies that explored different ideas. I played around in
console and breakpointer. I read hundreds of blog posts.

When I needed more info and I had exhausted the web resources I could
find, I joined the IRC channel and this mailing list, both of which
are archived and searchable. Asking informed questions on IRC got me
polite and helpful responses that led me to more knowledge. Reading
through source code of existing apps taught me a lot, and when I saw
things that weren't documented elsewhere a trip to the IRC channel
cleared it right up.

After 2 months I felt comfortable enough to convert my PHP sites to
Rails. This took a couple of weeks, and gave me the confidence to try
bigger things. I showed a couple of people what I had been working
on, and got some contract work. Only after I had received the
up-front money for the contract did I buy the Agile 2 beta PDF and
Rails Recipes.

So what I want to know is this: given my first-hand experience of the
dismal state of Rails documentation, how is it that I am successfully
doing contract work while other people in this thread are ranting
about how hard it is to learn Rails? There are some bitter people
venting in this thread, and I'm finding it hard to see their side of
the situation. It looks to me like some people want their new and
different language to be as well presented as the old and dusty
languages they know, and are (irrationally) upset that this isn't the

If you're that unhappy, you basically have 3 options:

  change the system ("be the change you want to see in the world"), or
  change yourself (the observer is part of the equation, too), or

- foobario

Anyone find it funny that “Bob” hasn’t responded again after 70 posts?

The only problem with Rails documentation I’ve had is when I’ve been told of some obscure or advanced feature but can’t remember exactly what it was, but that’s to be expected with most libraries.


ok maybe we spend too much time discussing in mailings lists and not enough time actually coding or setting up helpful ressources

Actually, we all new that already. Now, if Rails was a closed source
framework, how much would you be willing to pay for it?