Feeble documentation - weakness of Ruby on Rails

Feeble documentation - weakness of Ruby on Rails

Directly I apologize for my English - I used the automatic translator.
If there is a possibility,
find the person, knowing Russian better, it will translate you correctly
the text.

Address to developers of Ruby and Ruby on Rails:


It would be desirable to express the subjective judgement on a problem
of popularity of Ruby
and the Ruby on Rails in particular. It is very beautiful and laconic
language, very powerful language.
I studied it according to the book, it was necessary to read 2 times up
to the end to understand all
details. And I not for nothing spent the time. It is very powerful tool
for development. The same it
is possible to tell and about the Ruby on Rails. Agree that it not the
simplest systems that here so
from the first everything to understand. I am the professional
programmer with more than
20-year experience, studied many systems and programming languages -
Pascal, C, C ++, Java, Prolog,
Delphi, PHP, developed different systems. Don't think that I am a school
student any. Knowing all this
languages, I after all delighted with Ruby!

And here, by the way, about PHP. I learned it an ex-remental way, with
site use www.php.org. Here in
than all charm of this site - there is ALL and directly! There is as the
language syntax description,
and the description of all functions in case of what if it is function,
that is links to the similar
functions accompanying. Everything is easy and simple - the person
gradually learns more and more,
plunges into this environment more and more development. Any puzzles and
guesses. For me the study of
PHP was simple and fast.

And so I have a question. Why, possessing, so powerful possibilities of
Ruby and the Ruby on Rails
still possess such feeble documentation? After all this most important
in popularity of ANY system -
existence of good documentation when to the person always is where to
address for the sparvochny
information instead of to build own guesses, not to rummage in source
codes. To rummage in source
codes is programming for the sake of programming, and after all people
simply want to use the tool.
To receive quickly necessary information on system is already a success
half, I read. Not enough
description of functions, is necessary still that the person could see
similar functions that could
follow as on a chain. You look on documentation on the same www.php.org
also look at Ruby and
Ruby on Rails documentation. In yours documentation
(http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.3/), for
example, I couldn't find the description of method_missing, but in other
source (http://apidock.com/)
it is. Unless it is impossible to create a normal site with
documentation where there would be all
and directly? Why the person shall guess, rummage about something in
source codes? About Ruby on Rails
documentation (http://api.rubyonrails.org/) I generally am silent -
there is no description many
methods if there is a description, not clearly what it can accept
parameters and that they mean,
there is no description of classes, their correlations.

You developed such fine system, a magnificent programming language,
excellent framework, so why you
can't develop normal, distinct documentation? In it popularity of PHP
and weakness of Ruby, only in it.
There would be same good documentation, then long ago Ruby would walk
ahead Planet (Earth) at all -
("To be number one"). It seems to me davny already it is time to supply
design team with design team
DOCUMENTATION. After all the maturity of any product is characterized
just by convenient and extensive
documentation, including.

I think that many are stopped just by this moment in study when people
face that simply can't move
easily further in study and use of these systems - Ruby and the Ruby on

And once again thanks for so excellent tools!

Yours faithfully, Sergey

I apologize, confused the site name: not php.org, it is correct -
Already switched to Ruby, long ago didn't look on a site PHP.