Ruby on Rails documentation

vsharma wrote:

I am new to Ruby on Rails. I am very very pleased with it
thus far.

While the videos showing RoR in action were tremendously
helpful, I am somewhat dissapointed by the available

Most, if not all, of the functions and classes are not
completely documented or exemplified.

I realize that the documentation is rdoc-generated, but
I was wondering if there was any effort underway to improve
the quality and depth of the documentation.

Thank you

Other people have the same opinion as you do, and those other people reside over at You can find information about their (well-funded by now) documentation project at

It is a work in progress, but these are top-notch rails developers at the wheel of the thing, so you can expect at least SOMETHING good will come from them and their $15K bucks :wink:

Henning Kilset