sqlite3-ruby gem installation is driving me crazy

I installed Rails 1.8.6 on a Panther system. Everything is ok but I
can't install sqlite3-ruby gem. This is the terminal result:

I solved the problem using this command line:
sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby -- --with-sqlite3-include=/opt/local/
include --with-sqlite3-lib=/opt/local/lib
the problem was that the sqlite3 was not installed in the default

Thanks again,

I see the problem with install gem sqlite3-ruby. This way help me to fix
it! Just install developer headers for provide compile the library from

Without the -d option, rails will default to sqlite. To install SQLite3:

~$ sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-0 libsqlite3-dev
~$ sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby

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