gem install sqlite3-ruby problem ,please help....

sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby


Yes, when you install many gems, they get built natively, so you need development libraries for that to work correctly.



I’m using Suse10.3, with yast you can install the sqlite3 gem + yast shall automatic install all other libs you need.
No problem with Suse.


What about on windows?


For Windows try:

  1. Install SQLite3 for Windows by downloading the following 2 zip files and unzipping them into /WINDOWS/system32

If those don’t work try the official download site here

  1. gem install sqlite3-ruby
  2. Select option 1 to get the latest win32 driver
    Read: Installing SQLite 3 on Windows

I'm not on Windows at the moment. I put the DLL into /WINDOWS/System32/
but just put the binary into C:\sqlite\... and then added the location of
the binary to the PATH variable through sysdm.cpl, could this be a

I was getting some annoying errors when running an app on the Windows
system (after putting the require 'rubygems' into the .rb files). Not a
rails app, but it was using ActiveRecord and sqlite.

In Windows, I could get into sqlite3 through the command line easily, and
the sqlite add-on for Firefox worked fine.


Ask gem to install version 1.2.3 (since that one is available as a
prebuilt win32 gem)