Unable to install sqlite3

I am new to Ruby. Try out a web application, but when I tried to access the page, it has the following error (see ERROR 1 below).

So I thought I may have not installed "sqlite3" and tried downloading "sqlite_3-6-4.zip" and "sqlitedll_3-6-4.zip", unzipped it and place it in ruby's bin directory. Then I run the command:

gem install sqlite3-ruby

But found myself encounter the another error shown below (see ERROR 2).

Any help would by wonderful

============================== ERROR 1

This is a known problem. Hope the link below helps: http://domhackers.blogspot.com/2008/09/sqlite3-ruby-gem-on-windows.html

Cheers, Mohit. 11/3/2008 | 2:04 PM.

Hammer Ting wrote:

Thanks! It works!

Mohit Sindhwani wrote: