Shared hosting for mephisto blog + git/svn

I've been running my blog and git/svn repos on Slicehost for a while now, and haven't had any problems. However at this point any time spent managing the server is time wasted - I've just got a ton of stuff to do. I want to move all my stuff over to a shared host so that I don't have to do any management at all.

Here's what I need:

* Rails (duh). I'm just running a mephisto blog that nobody reads. * Mail forwarding. I've got a couple old email addresses that still get lots of mail, I just need them forwarded to my gmail address * git & svn hosting

That's about it. Super low traffic, I just need a place to stash my stuff. I don't particularly care about price as long as it's hassle-free and reliable. Of course, it's just a blog, so please nobody suggest redundant engineyard slices :slight_smile: