semi-OT: Is there an NNTP accessible version of this lis

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Don't do anything irrevocable though. The gmane interface is not so great.

You have to confirm that you are posting on every post. I.e. post, receive e-mail with a link, click on link (or reply) and your post is submitted to gmane.

Then there is sometimes a second step where some postings from gmane have to be approved for the mailing list and this doesn't necessarily happen soon, or at all.

Or, you could just use a newsreader, which, presumably, is what the OP was after -- gmane.* groups. It's an e-mail => nntp gateway, the web interface isn't really necessary at all.

The approval stuff is at the mercy of the list admin for the list.

??? Is this night of the living dead thread? 7 years old... do you think the OP is still watching for your answer?! :wink: