Seeking Ruby developer for partnership on healthcare project for local 501(c)3 non-profit

Hello all,

I am a resident physician in Internal Medicine (Rush Medical Center) and I started a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (MedReferrals) to connect underserved patients to healthcare. My co-founder is the CEO of Prominence Advisors, a healthcare IT consulting group. Our non-profit has received a QlikView non-profit grant for data visualization. Prominence advisors is providing technical backing for development of a tool to visualize open city data, but we need a Ruby developer to build a web application that allows for input of patient characteristics and output of community health centers accessible to that patient.

The problem: Uninsured and underserved patient are often high-utilizers of tertiary care, academic medical centers (Rush, Northwestern, U of C, UIC, Loyola) when they are extremely sick, but they lack access to care in their own neighborhood to stay healthy.

The two-fold solution: A web-based tool that enables case managers, social workers, physicians, and non-profits to search for accessible care for their patient. In combination with the web-based tool, is a data portal to show the importance of community health centers through visualization of City of Chicago open data.

We are a small operation, and willing to bring you on and give you the shine you deserve. We are well situated in the industry and have access to major hospitals and many physicians for validation and expansion, and creation of more opportunities.

This is a perfect project for someone who is either looking to make a social impact, or for someone looking for a high-impact portfolio project.

We are a non-profit, and our goal is solving the problem, not generating revenue. That said, we have access to CMO’s of many area healthcare systems and they are aware of the project.

Please let me know if you can help.


Devin D. Mehta, MD devindmehta[at]gmail[dot]com

Hi Devin,

I am very interested in the project, it sounds great and it will be a great opportunity to collaborate on a project with social impact.

I am attaching my resume as well as MongoDB course certificates.

Josey Figueroa

JFG_RESUME_V3.docx (20.5 KB)

CertificateMongoDBDBA.pdf (142 KB)

CertificateMongoDBNodeJS.pdf (140 KB)

CertificateMongoDBDevelopers.pdf (140 KB)