San Fran RoR $150K -$220K Mission Driven Healthcare Diversity - FUN!

Hi everyone… just quick shout out to Ruby enthusiasts!!! Thank you

  • Join 80 of the most talented and fun Ruby on
    Rails Full Stack Developers in San Fran.

Tell me more about these brown bag lunches.


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Join 80 of the most talented and fun Ruby on Rails Full Stack Developers in San Fran.

What's your address in San Francisco? I'll need it for commuting purposes.

We’re here to change primary health care at it’s core!

I think you mean "its", but that sounds good to me. My wife is in
remission from breast cancer, my mother has recurring brain tumours
every few years, and I have mild autism, so health (especially mental
health) is very important to me.

Come learn from us and share your tips, trick and favorite Ruby Gems!

I'll let you know my favourite ruby gem right now -- pry -- -- an alternative console for ruby. I look
forward to speaking to your engineers to revise this opinion, as I
still see myself as a beginning rubyist.

Our mission’s to elevate a doctor’s office visit to 5 star spa experience…

I don't do spas -- sensory sensitivity -- but the wife goes once a
week for her mani/pedi/massage/etc. and really enjoys it. Her reaction
to the doctor is, well, different and it is my goal to move it in that

Very, very healthy work-life balance. Start around 9, everyone leaves by 5:30. We focus on mental health of our teams, no ones working late nights!!!

I'm sure the wife and our daughter would appreciate daddy getting home
by 5:30 most days, although I think the commute to Tiburon may
necessitate a move to the city. Do you guys help with finding housing?

Conferences, speaking engagements, brown bag lunches, and hackathons!

I've been in Toastmasters for a few years now. Not for any direct
professional reason, I feel communication is the most critical skill
for human beings. Let's have a call -- find an open slot at -- and discuss how I can
make my wife's next doctor's visit paint a smile on her beautiful
face. -- H

I had a good laugh (since were on the subject of health I assume that’s okay) … thanks Hasan, much needed whether intentional on not I genuinely chortled.

You see; I have dire healthcare needs out the wazoo for Eczema, Psoriasis, and Psoriatic Arthritis. I wonder how good their insurance coverage for pre-existings is since they care…

Anywho, much luck and blessings!