Scaffold to existing SQL Server database

Hello all,
I'm rather new to RoR and I'm checking if RoR is the way to go in my

I've got a Client/Server application built on top of SQL Server with
some Win32 screens.

We would want to build a Web version of our application but keeping the
database because we use a code generation tool to build all the app and
we want to keep using it to generate the backend.

Is RoR suited to pickup the existing database and data and just build
the CRUD logic and web layout on top of it?


You have several challenges here:

1) being new to Rails
2) using a db that probably doesn't conform to Rails conventions
3) running on Windows

Any one of those can be overcome, but all three together are a steep
hill to climb :slight_smile:

Why not just try a simple PoC implementation? All you have to lose
is a couple of hours of time.

Alternatively, have someone experienced evaluate the specifics of
your situation and make an informed recommendation.

Good luck!