Rails + SQLServer

Hello people,

I am starting to build an application in Rails using SQLServer. In fact,
I'm rebuilding it from Java EE to Rails.

I created a new project and managed to connect to the database using
ODBC, so I ran a rake db:migrate. Everything worked fine: the database
schema was copied to my schema.rb file.
Here comes my problem: is there a command that creates ruby classes from
the database? If not, should I use scaffolding to create my classes or
create them manually? I'm pretty afraid of deleting content
unintentionally. Hope you can guide me, thanks.

When I wrote a Rails app for an existing db I used the scaffold
generator to build each model as if I was creating a new table, then
just deleted the migration file. This gave me the models and basic
REST access on which I built the app.

However you do it don't develop with your production database
otherwise at some point you are bound to mess it up. Make a copy of
the db (or a subset) and use that for development. And of course you
will be writing tests as you go along which will access a test