Best practices for develop a web service (server+client)?

Hi, i've two applications (APP1 and APP2) and i want that APP2 is able to get data from APP1. I think that a simple rest web service is the way to go. Do you have some good examples/tutorials? I've googled but i find only old examples with the deprecated action web service. From the client, who get the xml, how does reconvert it into ruby/model objects?

What about activeResource ?

remotely related ...

Can Rails on Ruby work with an established sqlite3 (or mySQL) database? the tutorials I have read so far build the sqlite3 tables with the $ "ruby script/generate model ... " command.

I guess what I am trying to figure out is if the Ruby Rails platform will be a wise investment of my time to learn and eventually become proficient if my goal is to build some web applications that interact to already established databases.

I would prefer to build my database the old fashioned way - e.g., SQL CREATE statements - and be able to modify the structure on the fly (structure and data). The web pages would be a simple GUI interface for my computer challenged friends! :slight_smile: I am hopeful that the Rails on Ruby will allow that flexibility? Eventually, I suspect that I will be good enough to do it all in Rails like you all do.


thanks in advance

Yeah rails is fine to do this stuff in. We use migrations because thy
make structure maintenance easier especially if your app is deployed
in multiple locations (or even just across a deployment an a
development machine)