Consuming a RESTful webservice in Rails

Can anyone point me to an url regarding how to consume a REST-
webservice in rails?

I did find tons of websites and posts on how to use REST *inside* a
Rails-app and some on how to serve a REST-webservice, but didn't find
one on how to consume it.

There are tons of tutorials and howtos regarding ActionWebService with
easy examples on how to consume and serve SOAP-webservices but I
couldn't find nothing nearly as informative for ActiveResource.

Am I just to stupid to find such a tutorial/howto or is all the hype
about REST just about using it inside an application and not as
replacement for SOAP/ActionWebService?

Thanks a lot for your help/opinions!


to be more detailed about my problem:

I'm writing rails-server-app A that includes class Foo and I like to
work with an object of class Foo in rails-client-app B. Is
ActiveResource or ActionWebService the better and easier way to do

Hi Javier,

ActiveResource would be the way to do it.


Thanks...but could you point me to a howto, the relevant api-doc or a
tutorial on how to do it? :slight_smile:

Those two railscast did solve my problem: