writing to a remote SQL Server w/javascript

I'm working on a new project, and I'm having trouble wrapping my head
around how I should structure this. I have a Ruby on Rails server that
is hosting everything. I also have a few client machines, laptops and
phones that will have a small app on them.

Every 5 seconds I need these apps to send a reading back to the
server, which is going to store them it in a database in addition to a
local copy.

I was looking at how I could do this using Javascript on the clients,
and Rails on the server. Would the Rails ActiceWebService work? The
client side is html/javascript ONLY, that's stuck in stone, but I'm
not worried about that, clientside I can do everything I need, it's
just the sending of the data to the rails server that I'm perplexed

Any thoughts?

Actionwebservice is for soap requests - not what you want here!
Your client side Javascript can make http requests - read up on ajax.


Hi Fred,

Thank's for the direction, I'll give that a go.