ruby server chrashes


When I do rails server it chrashed with this ouput :

Anyone a idea what is the cause of this problem and how to solve this ?


try to reinstall your json gem


Maybe a stupid question.

How do I reinstall that gem on ruby 1.9.3 ?

Can I do gem uninstall json and then gem install json.

And do I have to do bundle install ?

I have used rvm to install ruby 1.9,3.


I think the problem is that you have not got a consistent build of
gems (different ruby versions or something). If you get rid of the
gemset and start again so that all the gems are re-built you should be


If reinstalling the gems in a clean gemset doesn’t work then It’s usually an environmental thing, for example if you use macports its sometimes possible for one version of a library to be picked up while compiling ruby (or a gem) but a different version is used when ruby actually runs. Unfortunately working out exactly what is wrong is a bit hit and miss



Doing all the steps again did the step.
The only thing I changed is before I made the gemset I entered ruby use 1.9.3

Everythig thanks for the help