Ruby On Rails with Webrick on a Vista System

Does this work. I am trying to learn ROR on my home system (Vista)
using the Agile Web Development with Rails and can not get past the
first program.

I need some help I am currently learning Ruby on Rails and found a
great book – Agile Web Development With Rails. It has many good
examples and does an excellence job of presenting the information.
The problem that I am having is when I attempt to create and run the
programs on my Vista system using WEBrick. After starting WEBrick I
can enter '//localhost:3000' and the Welcome Aboard screen. But from
there it goes down hill.

Continuing with the example I add the controllers and views for 'Say'
with a hello method as it instructs and attempt to load them. But I
keep getting the following message: “We're sorry, but something went
wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at
it shortly”. Who are 'we' and how are they doing to help me with this

Can any of you help me? The book gives not suggestions nor where to
go for help. I would appreciate any guidance that any one can give me.

What database are you using, the default sqlite3? Try looking in log/ in the development log file. What error message are you getting recorded there?



Hi, It's very simple.

In Rails 2.2.2, if there is any problem with configuration, it was
clearly notify in the browser. For an example,
if you didn't have a proper database, or password for access database
and so on. But from Rails 2.3 this feature
is missing. It's just showing the message “We're sorry, but something
wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at
it shortly”. I don't know why. Rails team should consider this.

First you need to check the database.yml file under the config folder.
By reading the first commented line you can
identify what is the database that you are using. Most probably it
should be SQLite3, if you didn't specify otherwise.
If so, you won't require the username and the password for the
database. You need to install some SQLite3 libraries using
gem package manager.

If you are using "Instant Rails" - single click installer then the
libraries already with in the package.

If your database.yml file configuration shows that you have set up a
MySQL database, then you need to specify the proper
username and password. Then before you run the application you need to
create the database. You can use the rake utility for that.

rake db:create

Then run the application. If you still have problems. Let me know.
I'll help. According to my point of view Windows in not a suitable
and enjoyable development environment for Rails. Try Rails with
Ubunutu or any other Linux distribution. If you need a guild to
Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu you can read my latest blog post here.

Finally, please check the version of the book that you are learning.
Of course, it's a perfect book. But 1st and 2nd versions are now
You can't use many functions described in those edition. Most of them
are now deprecated. Latest 3rd edition is now released.

Mohamed Aslam