ruby on rails application help.

Hello Sir,

I am student wants to learn ruby on rails programming and want to become ruby on rails programmer. after installing ruby and installing rails through command line gem install rails --remote and after creating application as ruby script\ shows message webrick server started on port :3000. when i start application on browser it shows error message something went wrong.

                     if you can help me please help me.                            i will be very thankful to you


When you create a rails program, You need to follow few steps.

  1. First create a project rails -d mysql project name

  2. Create Model, view, controllers[ if you want to see some output]

  3. Rake db:create

  4. Rake db:migrate

  5. Start your server

You might have missed some step

If you are using SQLite, you don’t need to use rake db:create, only rake db:migrate (to create the database’s tables). If you are using MySQL, then you need to create the database (rake db:create) before create the tables.

If doesn’t work, please copy paste the last lines of your log/development.log file.