First application: Alternatives to creating a database?


I've done a bit of web development work, but decided to try something
new after I got into a fight with PHP over regular expressions. I
figured I'd have nothing to do by trying out Rails, so here I am.

I'm following along the getting started guide:

However, I just hit my first snag. "rake db:create" is returning the
error "Couldn't create the database for... etc.". I get the
impression that this will attempt to create the database, which would
explain the error: With my webhost, the database users aren't allowed
to create new databases; that needs to be done from the web panel.

How can I -connect- to a (remote) database and build the needed
tables, but not -create- an entirely new database? Thanks, I
appreciate it.



I assume you have set up your database.yml file correctly, then just
create the db manually using using the webpanel, and then run rake
db:migrate to create all your tables.


You might want to consider installing rails on your pc and developing
locally initially rather than running on a remote server.


Many thanks, that did it for me!