Ruby on Rails LiveCD Linux Distribution

Since this is a development environment, I'd rather see the MySQL GUI tools, even if it means leaving out Apache and phpMyAdmin. -Larry

The Textmate templates for radrails and jedit could be nice

Also there are emacs config files for editing ruby code, which I could never get working on my own…

And Ie4Linux:

I haven’t tried this but it would be nice to have to avoid having to switch back and forth between windows, if its as good as it sounds that is…

And maybe SWIG, for when you need to build some hardcore extensions

Is it possible to preinstall firefox extensions on these?

Firebug, Web Developers Toolbar, CSSViewer, JSView


It would be nice to have MySQL Query browser and Zentest. Also include Mongrel if it's not there already.

I didn't see emacs on the original list. I would put my vote in for emacs and xemacs.


+1 for the Firefox extensions, in particular Firebug and WebDev toolbar. I can't handle doing any ajax development without firebug open anymore.

- Rob