Ruby on Rails LiveCD Linux Distribution

} I'm nearly complete with the next release of RailsLiveCD (
} ) and I'm asking for suggestions for programs
} to include on the distribution. It's got jEdit, RadRails, Subversion,
} MySQL, PostgreSql, SQLite and all of the useful gems already installed.
} What do the folks out there on Linux need for a good Rails environment?

gvim, please

} I'll incorporate the useful suggestions and release this week.

Nice work, keep it up.

} Brian Ketelsen

} > gvim, please
} Very good... I'll put it in. Does it require any config files or other
} magic to make it useful?

I'm not sure how you're putting together packages, but as long as you are
using packages from some distro (e.g. Fedora or Debian) it should be fine.
If you are compiling from source make sure to take everything it installs
(i.e. don't miss /usr/share/vim or whatnot).

} Brian