Ruby on Rails and Mysql

I'm fairly new to programming and the mac and I really want to have a
go at learning Ruby On Rails, I have followed the set up tutorial on
Hivelogic and I have a problems that I just can't fathom out and I
can't seem to put the right collection of words into Google to get a
definitive answer. The problems is:-

1 - I want to use mysql rather than Sqlite. Whilst I have followed
the instruction on Hivelogic in "Installing Ruby, Rubygems, Rails,
and Mongrel on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)" every time I create a new file
structure (e.g. rails example_application) and I then check the
database.yml file it still shows the db as sqlite3. Maybe there is no
way of changing this and my expectation that something magical via the
config in the tutorial will rewrite this to show mysql in the file is
misguided??? I installed the mysql gem.

Cheers, Mark.

`rails example_application -d mysql` is what you want.

Assuming you have MySQL itself installed, of course. :slight_smile:

BTW, simply typing `rails --help` would have answered your question.


Hi, for people new to ROR this is a really good free introduction