How to use mysql database on ruby

I have fedora 8 and ruby on rails installed, but i need to use mysql database, not sqlite3. How i can change it to mysql? Can somebody help me?

You can run

rails -d mysql

to generate a rails app that uses mysql as its database. See

rails -h

for more options.

Or, you could change the config/database.yml file in your existing rails app to point at mysql if you know what to change. Here's how a basic one might look:

development:   adapter: mysql   database: blah_development   username: root   password:

test:   adapter: mysql   database: blah_test   username: root   password:

production:   adapter: mysql   database: blah_production   username: root   password:

Just change blah to your rails app name. And, you may want to make yours use more secure credentials instead of root and an empty password. :wink:

Regards, Craig

Thank you. It works now.

Just for future reference, you shouldn't use this list for help requests, this is a list for discussing the development of the framework. Usage questions should be sent to the general Rails mailing list, (or the Finnish list,, which has plenty of people able to help with your problems but not too many questions lately ;-).


Kiitos neuvosta, en tosiaan tajunnut että oon väärässä gruopissa, mut nyt siirsin sen toisen kysymyksen sinne talk grouppiin..

Have said that, here is a great resource for accessing databases through ruby: Ruby DBI: Database Access