mysql problem

hi. im new to rails. how do i set mysql to be my default database?
when i open the .yml file its always set to sqllite. im following this
book called 'railsspace' and it says i should use mysql but i cant
because its been giving me problems. thanks!

To make a rails app defaulting to mysql use
rails -d mysql yourappname

But if you did not do this all you have to do is change it in database.yml.

There is no need to use mysql if you don't want to. You can use
sqlite or postgresql instead.

Have you seen the rails guides at The getting
started guide covers this and is a good intro for beginners. Also the
other guides and the railscasts are very good.



Is there a way i can provide mysql password while creating rails application ?

Specify rails version while creating new rails project

Sandip R~


if you call rails with -d mysql, rails generates a sample config as
config/database.yml, you can specify the details there.